Project documentation

Used to be only selected classes were documented, but now all classes are documented and it is confusing. Martin suggests re-documenting only those classes that are USED by developers.

Wendy’s experience was telling: she discovered CentralImpl after TWO MONTHS of studying the documentation! We need to document only the core classes and somehow provide a navigation/roadmap for newcomers.

Martin will look at the classes and make suggestions to the group about what the “core classes” are. Perhaps have two javadocs – one for all classes and one with only core classes.

Another example: there are three versions of CentralImpl in various places for various purposes. Need to be better documented.

ant – separate jar files into appropriate groups.

Mark needs to write an introduction to BioMoby that explains the basis of namespaces and objects. Need to document WHY Moby is better, and WHY certain decisions were made.