Moby Service Clients

These clients will allow you to discover and access data and analysis services provided through the BioMOBY framework. Some also allow the construction and execution of re-usable workflows and analytical pipelines.

Client Title Source Platform & Language Description
Gbrowse_moby Mark Wilkinson Web-based, cross-platform The first Moby client ever written; very simplistic and limited in power.
Taverna Tom Oinn, Martin Senger; myGrid Java, cross-platform Taverna allows linking of inputs and outputs from both Moby and non-Moby services into extensive and complex workflows.
MOWserv Instituto Nacional de Bioinformatica Web based, cross-platform MOWserv allows construction and execution of workflows through a web interface
Remora Genopole Toulouse Web based, cross-platform Remora allows design of Moby workflows through a web interface
Ahab Benjamin Good, Clarence Kwan, Wilkinson Laboratory, UBC Web based, cross-platform Ahab allows parallel execution of multiple services simulteneously.
Seahawk Paul Gordon, Sun Centre of Excellence, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada Java applet, cross-platform Allows a user to load text or HTML data sources, then discover and execute MOBY Services through hyperlinks and text highlighting.

Clients with embedded MOBY functionality

These are applications that provide a variety of bioinformatics functionality and take advantage of BioMOBY to extend that functionality.

BioTrawler Frank Gibbons, Harvard Web based, cross-platform Explore protein interaction networks by surfing MOBY!
BlueJay Paul Gordon, University of Calgary (Genome Canada/Genome Alberta) Web based, cross-platform Explore genomes with MOBY out-linking functionality
BioFloWeb Sophie Durand, INRA, France & PlaNet Consortium Web based, cross-platform Arabidopsis ‘gene cards’ via PlaNet MOBY services
AtiDB Client Sean Walsh, John Innes Centre, UK Web based, cross-platform Arabidopsis Locus Report via PlaNet MOBY services

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