jMoby – faster access to biomoby registries

Eddie Kawas released a new implementation (no API changes) of the org.biomoby.client.CentralCachedCallsImpl class – now getting the contents of the registry using the RDF files. When all bugs are fixed, it should significantly speed up cache update in Dashboard and elsewhere.

jMoby using Maven

Major changes in building and using jMoby were introduced during the BioHackathlon meeting in Japan. The changes, however, are not changes of the jMoby API – which means that your own code should continue to work without any changes.

The main issue is that jMoby uses now the 3rd-party libraries form the various Maven repositories. It fetches them when you compile jMoby, or when you use the new Ant’s task install. There is an article about how it is done (coming from a different project but using the same principles as in jMoby).

Another issue is that the Ant itself is not anymore distributed with jMoby. You need to install it separately on your machine.