Taverna MOBY Plugin Information

To install the latest version:

  • Reviewers Release . A stable snapshot of the Taverna software including BioMoby plugin for review (October 2, 2006) and an example workflow for reviewers to explore.
  • Download the bleeding-edge 1.5x Taverna from Eddie with lots of added MOBY functionality (This is a pre-release of the upcoming 1.5 release from myGrid; however you should not blame myGrid for any bugs in this code, since they do not claim that it is functional!). This version strictly adheres to the MOBY API, and any non-compliant services will not be fully functional. Note also that this file changes day by day, without changing the filename, so caveat emptor!


You can also go directly to the taverna sourceforge page, and build the code from scratch. The latest stable version of the MOBY plugin is always available there.

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