Martin’s presentation of the advantages, followed by discouragement from using it.

Ant and Maven are similar. What Maven does in addition is that it makes project dependencies and repositories. Therefore you can define the library that you code is using without having the library downloaded, you simply refer to it. it is then found and used in the build. Ant has a library called “ant maven library” that can accomplish the same thing. Martin will update the ant document he has made for GCP and will make it appropriate for the BioMoby homepage/documentation. You just install Ant and then build the project using “ant

Need to write to Chris Dag. to get added to the “maven” group so that we can use the maven repository on open-bio.

What belongs in the repository? Dashboard? It isn’t used for development… so should it be there?

People will be less intimidated by ant than by maven. So we agreed to use ant wtih the maven library.