Documentation about BioMoby in Java

Start with a more detailed intro to Moby namespaces and datatypes
More detailed introduction to Dashboard
then split into Perl and Java streams

Errors: if the path to the project is too long then javadoc fails in ant.

A code release should include a snapshot of the cache of the registry for Dashboard.

Martin will make a CPAN release of Perl MoSeS including a snapshot of the registry. It’s currently hidden in the Java tree. Martin will bring it into a more obvious place.

Some of the problems setting up Java MoSeS in Eclipse were machine-specific.

Some problems were due to having three copies of the documentation for setting up (biomoby, tigr, and rws). Need to unify the documentation and keep one copy on updated. We’ll talk to Wendy about being the goddess of documentation. We’d like to have the API all in one document again, and to have the registry calls in e.g. BNF format. And get the links right!