Hour 3


– Add to the registry API a way to determine the version of code it is running.

How to test services

– sample input and output will be part of service-provider’s RDF
– methods for testing services will become part of jMoby API
– will also have a panel in Dashboard (?)
– INB has extended metadata in Moby Central – this was for internal use and works best when the entire infrastructure is under some centralized control. Having service invocation examples in the hands of the service provider is more scalable and decentralized.
– do we need extra metadata? e.g. for testing asynchronous services? Perhaps using some sort of “type” of checking. is it alive? Does it take my input? does it give me a result? does the result match a particular pattern/filter? does the result match a predictable output?
– Martin will implement this in September sometime and will pass around the API to the group before implementation for comments