Version: 1.1.1
Class MobyDataJob

  extended by java.util.AbstractMap<K,V>
      extended by java.util.HashMap<String,MobyDataInstance>
          extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Cloneable, Map<String,MobyDataInstance>

public class MobyDataJob
extends HashMap<String,MobyDataInstance>

Groups together the primary and secondary data corresponding to a MOBY XML "mobyData" block, i.e. a request for, or response from, a service. One or more MobyDataJobs can be put in one MobyContentInstance to form a service invocation request/response (they are symmetric in MOBY). It is essentially just a Java Map, but with some convenience methods for grabbing different types of data. Put data into this object as you would with any Map.

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Serialized Form

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class java.util.AbstractMap
AbstractMap.SimpleEntry<K,V>, AbstractMap.SimpleImmutableEntry<K,V>
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 MobyDataInstance[] getData()
 String getID()
 MobyDataInstance[] getPrimaryData()
 MobyDataObject[] getPrimaryDataObjects()
 MobyDataObjectSet[] getPrimaryDataObjectSets()
 MobyDataSecondaryInstance[] getSecondaryData()
 void setID(String ID)
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clear, clone, containsKey, containsValue, entrySet, get, isEmpty, keySet, put, putAll, remove, size, values
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equals, hashCode, toString
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equals, hashCode

Constructor Detail


public MobyDataJob()
Method Detail


public void setID(String ID)


public String getID()


public MobyDataSecondaryInstance[] getSecondaryData()


public MobyDataInstance[] getData()


public MobyDataInstance[] getPrimaryData()


public MobyDataObject[] getPrimaryDataObjects()


public MobyDataObjectSet[] getPrimaryDataObjectSets()

Version: 1.1.1

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