Register a new Service Type Ontology Node

Service types currently have single-parent ISA inheritence. This may change in the future to allow multiple parenting, but at present we do not support this.

To register a new service type, simply determine where it fits into the Service Ontology, then use the registerServiceType call in the Perl MOBY::Client::Central libraries.

For example, I am at Sanger centre, and I need to register a new analytical service type "Primer3". Primer3 will be a child of the Analysis service type node (ISA Analysis). To register this service type in Perl I would do the following:

use MOBY::Client::Central;
$m = MOBY::Client::Central->new;

my $REG = $m->registerServiceType(
  serviceType  => 'Primer3',
  description  => "Primer 3 is a primer design algorithm that generates primers against a particular DNA sequence input",
  Relationships => {ISA => ["Analysis"]},
  contactEmail => '',
  authURI => '',

$REG->success?print"Success\n":print "Failed: ",$REG->message,"\n";