INB/BSC Java JAX-WS based BioMoby API

This is a very light-weight BioMoby API implementation. The API consists of two libraries, MobyCore and MobyCentral. While MobyCore is everything you need to execute BioMoby services, MobyCentral is an API to work with BioMoby Registry. MobyCore is JAX-WS/JAXB based API. This means that it uses a "mapping" between BioMoby artefacts and Java classes. Even it is designed to work with generated JAXB-based ontology classes, it is possible to work without them. MobyCentral API is a very simple API that provides all BioMoby Registry operations.

Both libraries could be built using usual BioMoby build script task: ant build-core to build MobyCore and ant build-central to build MobyCentral libraries.

MobyCoreSrevice library helps developers to implement a BioMoby web services based on JAX-WS specification. The library is built using an ant build-core-service command.

MobyCentralModel is an auxiliary library that provides a cache implementation for BioMoby Registry. The library can be built using ant build-central-model command.

Some developers could find interesting a MobyGUIComponents that is a set of Swing components to work with a BioMoby Registry. To build the library use ant build-central-gui command.

MobyCore can work with generated by MobyGenerator utility java ontology classes. To create an utility library use ant build-generator command.

If you do not want to bother with MobyGenerator, you cat try out a precompiled ontology from INB Repository. ( build-ontology ).

Finally, there is a visualization package MobyComponents, which is a set of Java Swing Components to visualize Java ontology classes. To create the library use ant build-ontology-components .

Generated libraries could be found in /moby-live/Java/build/lib/ directory.

Dmitry Repchevsky