BioMoby Java Swing Ontology Components Library

The library is based on generated by MobyGenerator INB ontology classes.

There are few packages inside the library:
org.inb.biomoby.client.gui.swing.* These are just a basic Swing components that are used by ontology components implementations.
org.inb.biomoby.client.gui.auxiliary.* Here we can find an auxiliary classes that are shared between different ontology components. The difference between this package and a previous one is that class in this package are ontology dependent, while those in a swing.* package, not.
org.inb.biomoby.client.gui.ontology.* This package contains, in fact, the Ontology visualization Components.
org.inb.biomoby.client.gui.* The package contains the core architecture classes and interfaces for the library implementation.

Every component accepts its background ontology type as a parameter of the constructor.

PDB__Text text = new PDB__Text();
text.setContent(new MobyString(pdb_string));
PDB__TextComponent c = new PDB__TextComponent(text);

Every GUI implementation component follows the same class name pattern - $ONTOLOGY_CLASS_NAME$Component. This facilitates a dynamical component creation through the MobyComponentFactory class.

AbstractMobyComponent aPanel = MobyComponentFactory.getMobyComponent(mobyObject);

Because most of the components must interact with an end user, there is a general rules for components. Dynamic components implement IDynamicComponent interface. Components that depend on an external sequence implement ISequenceDependent interface.

Every component is different in its representation. We hope that developers would extend this library with their particular java component visualizers.