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Package org.biomoby.shared

It contains components that are used from more than one (other) packages.


Interface Summary
Central An interface to the Moby Registry.
CentralAll A common interface to the classical features of a MobyRegistry (as expressed in Central) and to the cumulated (digested) contents of the Moby Registry (as expressed in CentralDigest).
CentralCached A convenient interface combining together all methods for accessing the BioMoby registry and the handling its local cache.
CentralDigest An interface to the cumulated (digested) contents of the Moby Registry.

Class Summary
LSIDResolver Implementation of LSID resolution for data and metadata.
MobyData A container keeping input or output data types together with few other attributes.
MobyDataType A container representing a data type used in the Moby registry (in the BioMoby speak it is called "Object Class").
MobyDataTypeTemplate You probably don't need to be looking at this class.
MobyNamespace A container representing a namespace used in the Moby registry.
MobyPrefixResolver The main purpose of this class is to provide default mapping from prefices we will use in the XPath statements built in the various client classes to URI's of XML namespaces.
MobyPrimaryData A container representing primary (both input and output) data as they are registered by services.
MobyPrimaryDataSet A container representing a way how a named collection of various primary data types is used in a service.
MobyPrimaryDataSimple A container representing a way how various primary data types are used in a service.
MobyRelationship A container representing a name of a BioMoby data type and its relationship to another BioMoby data type.
MobyResourceRef A container pointing to metadata available from a BioMoby registry.
MobySecondaryData A container representing a way how various secondary data types are used in a service.
MobyService A container representing a service.
MobyServiceType A container representing a service type used in the Moby registry.
MobyUnitTest A class representing a moby unit test.
NamespaceContextImpl This class is used to provide namespace context for XPath expression evaluation in the Seahawk data mapping rules file, and includes default mappings for prefixes such as moby:
Utils This is a set of several utility methods which may be useful for writing both registry and client code.

Exception Summary
MobyException A general exception which can be used as a wrapper around other exceptions.
NoSuccessException A specific exception indicating that a request should not be fulfilled because something was not correctly specified, or was not found.
PendingCurationException A specific exception indicating that a request should not be fulfilled because registration or deregistration of an entity was not yet successful - but may be later.
SOAPException This class is meant to be a implementation-independent wrapper around the exception classes provided by the underlying SOAP client used to run MOBY services.

Package org.biomoby.shared Description

It contains components that are used from more than one (other) packages. The bottom-line (or a bottom-rule) is: If one wants to run clients, it must be sufficent for him to pack all classes from org.biomoby.client and from this package only. If one wants to create a registry oriented component, it is enough for him to pack org.biomoby.registry and this package. And similarly for service providers which would pack org.biomoby.service and again this package.

Additionally this is a good place for putting here Java interfaces - assuming that they are expected to be used more generally. The cornerstone piece is the interface Central that defines how to access Moby registry without any knowledge of the used transport protocol (SOAP, XML, etc.). This interface uses several container classes representing pieces of the Moby mosaic.

Talking about a mosaic, it looks sometimes confusing what data containers we have here (and in sub-packages). Let's try to briefly explain them:

Version: 1.1.1

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