NAME - An object containing information about how to get access to teh Moby databases, resources, etc. from the mobycentral.config file


  $CONF = MOBY::Config->new();
  # for fields in the mobycentral.config file, use the section name
  # as the first object, then the item name as the hash-hey within that
  # object.
  # i.e.    $CONF->mobycentral returns a MOBY::dbConfig representing the
  # [mobycentral] part of the mobycentral.config file
  $centraluser = $CONF->mobycentral->{username}
  $centralpass = $CONF->mobycentral->{password}
  $objectuser =  $CONF->mobyobject->{username}
  $ADAPTOR = $CONF->getDataAdaptor(source => 'mobyobject');
  # $ADAPTOR is probably a MOBY::adaptor::queryapi::mysql object
  my $dbh = $ADAPTOR->dbh();
  my $sth = $object_dbh->prepare("select description from object where object_type = ?");