MOBY::Client::Exception::MobyExceptionCodes - MobyExceptionCodes


Library that contains structure of exception codes and exception descriptions


Jose Manuel Rodriguez Carrasco (INB-CNIO)



Function: An exception code is received given as input. The method retrieves the exception description. For more information, see below tables and BioMoby exception protocol.

Args: Number of exception code.

Returns: Description of exception given as input.

Description of exception codes

Exception codes dealing with analysis data

Code Name Description
200 UNKNOWN_NAME Setting input data under a non-existing name, or asking for a result using an unknown name
201 INPUTS_INVALID Input data are invalid; they do not match with their definitions, or with their dependency conditions
202 INPUT_NOT_ACCEPTED Input data are not accepted
221 INPUT_REQUIRED_PARAMETER Service require parameter X
222 INPUT_INCORRECT_PARAMETER Incorrect parameter X
223 INPUT_INCORRECT_SIMPLE Incorrect input in simple article
224 INPUT_INCORRECT_SIMPLENB Service requires two or more simple articles
225 INPUT_INCORRECT_COLLECTION Incorrect input in collection article
226 INPUT_EMPTY_OBJECT Empty input object
232 INPUT_INCORRECT_MOBYDATA QueryID does not exists

Exception codes dealing with analysis execution

Code Name Description
300 NOT_RUNNABLE The same job has already been executed, or the data that had been set previously do not exist or are not accessible anymore
301 NOT_RUNNING The job has not yet been started
302 NOT_TERMINATED The job is not interruptible for some reason

Error codes dealing with analysis metadata

Code Name Description
400 NO_METADATA_AVAILABLE There are no metadata available

Error codes dealing with notification

Code Name Description
500 PROTOCOLS_UNACCEPTED Server does not agree on using any of the proposed notification protocols

General error codes

Code Name Description
600 INTERNAL_PROCESSING_ERROR A generic error during internal processing
601 COMMUNICATION_FAILURE A generic network failure
602 UNKNOWN_STATE Unknown State
603 NOT_IMPLEMENTED Not implemented method in question
621 SERIVCE_NOT_AVAILABLE Service not available

Service intrinsic errors

Code Name Description
700 OK Everything was ok
701 SERVICE_INTERNAL_ERROR Specific errors from the BioMOBY service
702 OBJECT_NOT_FOUND Object not found with the given input
703 DATA_NOT_LONGER_VALID A sequence indentifier that has been retracted
704 INPUT_BIOLOGICALLY_INVALID The input does not make sense biologically
705 DATA_TRANSFORMED The input data is transformed
721 INCORRECT_ARTICLE_NAME The specified name of MOBYData article is wrong or does not exist
722 INCORRECT_OBJECT_TYPE Incorrect Object type from specified MOBYData article
723 INCORRECT_ARTICLENAME_OBJECT The specified article name of BioMOBY Object is wrong or does not exist
724 INCORRECT_NAMESPACE_OBJECT The namespace of specified BioMOBY Object is invalid
731 INCORRECT_ARTICLENAME_SECONDARY The specified name of secondary is wrong or does not exist
732 INCORRECT_DATA_TYPE_SECONDARY Incorrect data type from specified secondary article
733 INCORRECT_VALUE_SECONDARY The value of secondary article is invalid. It is not inside of correct range
734 INCORRECT_VALUE_AND_DEFAULTVALUE_SECONDARY There is not SECONDARY value and registered SECONDARY article has not default value