Next plans, Bugs, Wish-lists

When this document becomes too long, or when the number of jMoby developers increases more, we will move to Bugzilla. For now, let's just put here some known issues.

I strongly encourage developers to update this document as frequent as possible with their own issues and plans.

are the urgent issues

are the issues that would be nice to have done

are the issues with unknown priority

Some issues have a name assigned if there is already somebody working, or planning to work, on that issue. If you are interested to help please contact that person.

Wish lists, plans

ED More support for BioMoby complex data type in Taverna.

MS The BioMoby Graphs available directly in Taverna.

MS, GS Integrate Semantic Moby services into Taverna. This will (hopefully) help to combine S-Moby and Moby-S in the (near?) future.

Implement an LSID metadata repository that can be linked from the main BioMoby registry and can contain metadata further describing individual registered services (e.g. examples of their valid inputs).

MS MobyDigestClient (actually the classes it relies on) can be significantly optimized by reading directly RDF files with BioMoby entities.

Known bugs (see also Open-bio Bugzilla)

MS MobyCmdLineClient does not correctly implement its -nc and -np options.

MS The servlet for BioMoby Graphs is still not robust enough.

Martin Senger
Last modified: Mon Feb 6 13:07:24 2006