Changes in build.xml Guidelines

The whole Ant process is driven by the build.xml configuration file. Various jMoby documents mention this file and suggest what to change there to achieve specific goals.

Obviously, in a shared, open-source environment, you are welcome to change things as you feel appropriate. But still, this document may help to keep the build.xml file more consistent (I hope).

Remember that you can also influence the Ant process by using your own file without making any changes directly in the build.xml file. But the changes listed below are those that need to be done directly in build.xml.

Here is a list of the most common things you may want to do:

API documentation

The Ant's target docs creates API documentation. By default it generates APIs for all packages and source files.

If you wish, however, to exclude some packages, add their names to excludepackagenames in the build.xml -> docs ->javadoc task. You may use there a comma-separated list, wildcards are allowed.

If you wish to exclude only some files, this was the idea:

If you wish to exclude only some files, add their names into one of the filesets (again in the build.xml -> docs ->javadoc task), or add your own fileset there.

...but it does not work. Any idea how to exclude only some files without breaking the package exclusion defined by/in excludepackagenames?

When you add a new package or a group of packages belonging to the same logical group, consider also to add new group element (again in the build.xml -> docs ->javadoc task).

Adding the third-party libraries

Edit xmls/project.pom and then type ant clean compile.

Martin Senger
Last modified: Thu Feb 14 15:09:35 2008