Record of changes and their version numbers

  • Added limitations to the valid characters in a serviceName
  • removed junk about having to call a GET on a URL in order to deregister namespaces and objects and service types.
  • emphasised that objects, namespaces and service types are unique within an ontology, and that there is only one ontology
  • fixed typos in new object examples, and changed all GenBank_GI to NCBI_gi as this is the correct namespace
  • added retrieveResourceURLs method to the API
  • indicate that inheritence from primitive classes is now deprecated
    • updated examples to accommodate this
  • indicate that all parameters of a service must now be named.
0.85.1 Fixed a typo in the example of how to use Secondary parameters. The datatype is a required tag in the registration of a Secondary parameter.
0.850 Added the lsid attribute to every XML tag that has an ontology term or a service instance as its content
0.800 Finally we have agreed on a method for service registration, deregistration, and updating that is safer and more distributed. The following changes have happened with the new codebase:
  • the deregisterService call has been deprecated
  • the registerService call returns an extra RDF block in the Registration Object XML which contains the RDF signature of your service.
  • the registerService call requires a new optional element "signatureURL", which corresponds to the location where MOBY Central can find the RDF document describing the signature of your service.
0.701 Paul Gordon noticed that the example objects were all missing the articleName tags. They have all been fixed now.
0.700 After the developers' meeting at CSHL we decided to make the query and response messages identical (with the exception that a response may carry a serviceNotes block).
  • all queryInput tags are now mobyData tags
  • all queryResponse tags are now mobyData tags
  • all Query tags are now mobyContent tags
  • all Response tags are now mobyContent tags
0.606 Added an example of how to pass Secondary Articles (parameters) to services.
0.605 Fixed error in documentation; the correct XML element is rather than , as appeared in a couple of examples
0.604 Fixed error in documentation; the correct XML element is rather than for a service registration and service list response.
  • fixed spelling error of "primitive".
  • many of the examples of objects had "primative" as a namespace, and lacked an id attribute. This was just nonsense. Both should be empty if they are not meaningful, rather than filled with garbage.
0.602 Updated the text to make it more explicit that when registering a service tat consumes a Simple or Collection input article you must provide/can expect exactly one of these articles in the input to that service. Similarly with output. If a service needs to provide/consume more than one Simple or Collection article, then each one should be registered. If the service provides/consmes an indeterminite number of articles, then these should be registered as a Collection article.
0.601 Fixed a typo regarding CrossReferences. the XML tag is CrossReferece, not CrossReferences. It was inconsistent in various places in this document.
  • Added new Cross-reference type: Xref
  • Deprecated Invocation object
  • Deprecated rule of ordering of queryResponse elements
  • added new attribute "queryID" to the queryInput and queryResponse elements; this replaces the ordering and Invocation method (deprecated) for mapping query into response.
0.508 extended the service list response object to include the service endpoint URL and the service providers email. This should be a backwards compatible change.
0.507 Documentation fixes and implementation fixes to ensure that authURI's are always in the form of a domain name only, with no preceeding http or trailing path information. This is to ensure that we can construct legal LSID's representing service instances that contain the authURI.
0.506 A variety of XML fixes to remove rogue closing tags where they should not have been. More importantly, there were several cases where named argument attributes (articleName) were associated with the queryInput element instead of the contained Simple/Collection article. This is totally wrong. It is the article itself that is named, not the queryInput, since a single queryInput may contain multiple articles that need to be distinguished by the service provider "by name".
0.505 Fixed example messages; Collections should contains Simple articles, not a plain list of objects.
0.504 Added the message structures for the retrieveObjectDefinition method of MOBY Central.
0.503 The sample input message structure lacked the article (Simple/Collection) wrapper.
0.502 The signature for the 'Relationship' method made no sense, so (since it hadn't been implemented by anyone) I changed it to something sensible. It now returns an XML document that looks like the XML that was used to register that object in the first place. I also changed the name of the procedure to 'Relationships' (plural).
0.501 There was an error in the example of service input/output. The simple output queryResponses were not wrapped in a tag. However, the collection output was represented correctly, wrapped in a element. This was not a change to the API, but only a correction of a documentation error.